Cardiganshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Cymdeithas Bowlio Mat Byr Ceredigion

League Rules


Revised 4th March, 2020

Revision to accommodate changes agreed under 7b of the May meeting of the CSMBA Committee.


Team players

  1. All clubs shall register a minimum of 10 players per team with the league organiser, prior to their first match of the season, using the team registration form:

    This form can also be used to add new players during the season.
  2. Registered members of any team shall not normally be allowed to participate in any other team within the same season.
  3. 2.1   The exception is when a player wishes to change club, then such player must apply to the CSMBA committee to present their case as to why they should be allowed to change team. If the meeting approves the change, then it can go ahead with immediate effect, or an agreed date if this has been given to the meeting.
    2.2   No player can move from one team to another team within the same club during the same season.
  4. Clubs found to be playing unregistered players shall incur a penalty decided by the disciplinary committee.
  5. Teams having registered 10 players could turn up to play league matches with a minimum of 8 players.
  6. 4.1   If a team turns up with 9 players then they will play one player short in the fours (i.e. 6 woods against 8 woods).
    4.2   If a team turns up with 8 players the names of all their players will be put into a hat and 1 will be drawn out. That player to play lead in the pairs, and the team will play one short in the fours (i.e. 6 woods against 8 woods). The team captain can then select his team with the additional penalty that a drawn player may not play on the same mat twice.

    Additional guidance


    This guide explains the rules for playing when a team has fewer than 10 players.

    These rules allow teams to play with 8 or 9 players, rather than the standard 10.

    8 is the minimum number of players. It is no longer possible for a team to play with 7 players.

    If both teams have fewer than 10 players, the fours games is played as a triples.

    9 players

    • The team with 9 will play one player short in the fours (see below for format)
    • No players will be drawn out of the hat to play twice

    8 players

    • The team with 8 players will put all of their names into the hat, one name to be drawn out to play twice
    • The player drawn out will play lead in the pairs in the first half
    • A player drawn out of the hat to play twice may not play on the same mat twice
    • In addition, the team with 8 players will play one player short in the fours (see below for format)

    Playing with 3 players in the fours

    Third and skips to play in the usual order
    The 'missing' player is considered a second
    Thus, if team A has 4 players in the fours and team B has 3 players, the numbers in the following sequence indicates the position of that player (i.e. lead=1, second=2):

    If Team A has the jack, the order of play is: 1A, 1B, 2A, 1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 3B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4A, 4B.
    If Team B has the jack, the order of play is: 1B, 1A, 2A, 1B, 1A, 2A, 3B, 3A, 3B, 3A, 4B, 4A, 4B, 4A

Match format

  1. A league match consists of the following: Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours
  2. The Singles and Pairs will be played over 12 ends and the Triples and Fours will be played over 10 ends. A game may be terminated early, with the agreement of both sides, if the score difference becomes so great that it would not be possible for one side to draw back level or win.
  3. Two points will be awarded for each game won and one point for each draw. This makes a total of 8 points available during a match.
  4. All games shall be played to WSMBA rules (Download a copy) and should be covered, where possible, by an official umpire. (Rule books are available from the County Treasurer)
  5. 8.1   The home captain is to nominate a suitable person to score the Singles game.
    8.2   Singles and Pairs to be played first and at the same time, followed by the Triples and Fours - If there is difficulty in observing the above order (e.g. the domestic needs of a player or players) then the order can be reversed by agreement between the captains.
    8.3   A team player sitting out during a league game can fill the score card during a pairs match. (This person has to be a team player)
    8.4   If no official umpire is present, any person mutually agreed by both captains will do the measuring and point out the decision made to the two teams concerned. In the event of a dispute, it will be resolved by the team captains. The nominated person must not remove the measured woods - they should only indicate the decided positions. The nominated measurer is not an umpire even if they are a registered WSMBA/CSMBA umpire.
    8.5   A wood found in the ditch area that is not a live wood can be taken out out of play at any time during the playing of the end. This rule applies to Cardiganshire, only.
  6. League matches shall start at 7.30 p.m. and no later than 7.45 p.m., unless agreed in advance between the captains when a 7.00 p.m. start time is allowed. No player shall participate if arriving after this deadline unless the opposing team captain has been notified. Such player can be given an additional 15 minutes and must play in the second half of the match.
  7. Visiting teams shall have the choice of mats. Only two mats to be available for league games. No player to be allowed on the mats until commencement of play.
  8. Dress code: Club coloured tops, grey trouser or skirts, and correct bowling shoes are to be worn during all county games. Club-coloured stickers are to be used on all woods which are used to play. No County or Welsh stickers to be used on woods in the League or County competitions.
  9. All scores shall be e-mailed or texted to the League Organiser after the match, as well as the name of the umpire (where present). Score sheets to be retained by the home captain and forwarded to the League Organiser on request. The sheets are to include the forenames and surnames of the players and are to be signed by both captains and umpire (where present).   Download blank score sheet
  10. In the event if two teams having the same score at the end of the leagues season there will be a play-off at a neutral venue.
  11. 13.1   League winners will have trophies awarded - maximum 12 trophies per team. All players must have played a minimum of 3 games for their team to receive a trophy. League winners will also receive the League Challenge Shield for one year.
  12. All games must be played by the end of the season; the date being specified by the league organiser. Any rearranged matches must be completed as soon as practicable.
  13. 14.1   In the event of a postponement, the captain cancelling the game must inform the league organiser and umpire, if scheduled to attend, by telephone as soon as possible.
    14.2   The two captains must re-arrange the date to play the game and inform the league organiser and the umpire involved.
    14.3   Three successive cancellations by any one team for the fixture will result in that team forfeiting the match and the awarding of points to the non-offending team. This will be decided by the following CSMBA meeting when both teams will have a chance to give their versions of events.
    14.4   The captain of the team that has asked for the cancellation must inform the league organiser in writing (by letter or electronic means) of the cancellation of the match, stating the reason that the game had to be called off. A telephone call is sufficient if the team can not travel due to bad weather.
  14. In the event of a club having to drop out of the League during the season, for whatever reason, their playing record shall be expunged. This will affect every team that has played that team up to the point of withdrawal.