Cardiganshire Short Mat Bowling Association

Cymdeithas Bowlio Mat Byr Ceredigion



County Committee contacts

Chairman Harry Harrison 01545 560535
Vice-chair Neil Watkins 01559 362665
Secretary Pat Immins 01545 560917
Treasurer Jennifer Robins 01570 470047
Competitions Secretary Richard Prowse 07410 448430
Press Secretary Bob Tomkins 07811 155156
County team captain Pete Fleming 01559 395380
League organiser & Webmaster (Ex-officio) Paul Edwards


Staying in touch

Sometimes, we need to communicate with each other and be confident that our message has been received. For example, if a message is to warn someone that a game has had to be cancelled. Talking to each other by telephone is one way we can be sure that a message has got through, but this method can be tedious if:

  1. there are several people who need to receive the message, and/or
  2. they are not available to speak to, and
  3. you are not certain that they have heard an answerphone message

Anyone with a mobile telephone can use what many of us are already using: WhatsApp. WhatsApp is simply a messaging application, rather like Messenger. A key feature of WhatsApp is that you can see if a message has been read by a recipient or members of a group. Messages can be sent by any group member to the group or to individuals in the group. This could prove invaluable if a game needs to be re-arranged, extra information needs sharing prior to a meeting, an umpire is not abale to attend a match, etc.

Any member of any CSMBA club can join the group, but it would be very helpful if the fllowing people joined:

  • Officers of the CSMBA Committee
  • Team Captains
  • Club representatives
  • Officers of CSMBA clubs

To join the group, please download and install WhatsApp on your mobile phone (and tablet/iPad and pc, if you wish) and email the CSMBA Webmaster with your mobile telephone number.


County Committee meetings for 2018-2019

Next meeting:

Date: 07.09.2019

Venue: Aberporth

View CSMBA Club Venues in a larger map
Click on the relevant pin to view the address of a club

All meetings start at 7.30pm. Meetings for the rest of the season to be arranged in due course.

If any of the details for your club representatives or team captains listed below are inaccurate, either following your club's AGM, because someone resigns or retires, or simply because someone's contact details have changed, please let us know using the club and team information update form. As the form's name suggests, this form can be used to provide updates at any time.

Club representatives

Aberporth Davina Green
Keith Hill
07722 678845
07592 803883
Caerwedros Moira Harries
Barry Davies
01545 560166
01545 561784
Capel Dewi Janet Fleming
& John Evans
01559 395380
01559 362295
& Tygwydd
John Evans
& Darren Davies
01239 810869
01239 710345
Llechryd Robert Owen
& Pauline Palmer
01239 683174
01239 682401
Manordeifi Alan Ford
& Gerald Hands
01239 710005
07971 524544
Mydroilyn Harry Harrison
& Jennifer Robins
01545 561241
01570 470047
& Orllwyn
Neil Watkins
John Dowling
01559 362665
01239 682965
Rhydlewis Robert Evans
Medwyn Jones
01239 851940
07970 557393

Team Captains

Aberporth Sharks Phil Ladd 07976 548803
Aberporth Dolphins Keith Hill 07592 803883
Caerwedros John & Lynda Evans 01545 560057
Capel Dewi Robert Davies 01559 384831
Llandygwydd Teifi Jenkins 01239 810732 or 07966 493441
Llechryd Robert Owen 01239 683174
Manordeifi Steve Reynolds 01239 811965
Mydroilyn Harry Harrison 01545 561241
Orllwyn John Dowling 01239 682965
Penrhiwllan Neil Watkins 01559 362665
Rhydlewis Medwyn Jones 07970 557393
Tygwydd David Beattie 01239 682649



Cardiganshire Short Mat Bowls Association has one of the lowest number of active Umpires in Wales and have received special dispensation from the WSMBA to 'self-umpire' when an Umpire is not available at a league game. This is not an ideal situation but with so few Umpires available as most of them play for their clubs too, there is little choice.

Most players will agree that having an Umpire present encourages a better standard of etiquette and provides guidance on any decisions that may have to be made during an evening.

If you are interested in becoming an Umpire you do not need to be a player but, obviously, an interest in the game is advisable. The examination is divided into two parts; theory and practical.

The theory paper consists of 40 questions which need to be answered fully but the WSMBA rule book may be used so it's not as bad as it seems! Providing that over 80% of the questions are answered correctly, the successful applicant will then encouraged to accompany existing umpires to observe them in their duties, gradually taking more responsibility themselves as they grow in confidence. Once experience has been gained, you would be asked to take the practical part of the examination showing an understanding of the equipment used and demonstrating your ability to judge and advise on pre-set examples of more unusual situations. This is usually carried out within the participant's own club.

If you successfully complete both the theory and practical assessments you become a WSMBA umpire - as easy as that!

A copy of the questions is available on request by email from Paul Edwards: Please talk to one of the existing umpires if you would like more information about becoming an Umpire.

The English Bowls Umpires website has further information on the subject


List of Umpires available this season

Gerald Hands (Penrhiwllan) 07971 524544
Paul Edwards (Manordeifi) 01239 811777
Richard Prowse (Aberporth) 07870 436437
Robert Evans (Rhydlewis) 01239 851940



Do you enjoy bowls but would like to learn more about the game and learn how to help others? Then maybe coaching is for you.

Ceredigion County Council recently ran a Coaching Course in association with the WSMBA at Llandysul Leisure Centre and provided an excellent way of learning how to break down the game into stages so that the different shots can be taught to beginners. To qualify as a coach, an individual would need to attend one of these coaching courses and then be recommended to take the further examination. This would consist of taking the theory examination required by Umpires and, if over 80% is achieved, a practical examination held at the club to ensure that the person has remembered how to teach the various shots!

Cardigan currently has four qualified club coaches at three clubs: Aberporth, Manordeifi and Rhydlewis. Please check the individual club pages if you would like to find out more or maybe receive some help with your game.

Being a coach doesn't necessarily mean that they are the best player - merely that they are someone who can teach the theory of the game to players and hopefully help with teaching particular shots or advising on where someone is going wrong.